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Whew, what a mouthful that is; it's all about chronic buttock, upper thigh and groin pain. Yes, it's worth trying to grasp this material if you are suffering from upper leg and groin pain that won't resolve, or respond to current treatment.

Understanding this huge, weight bearing joint can make the difference between a complete replacement, or not.

FEMORO ACETABULAR IMPINGEMENT SYNDROME Femoro Acetabular Impingement Syndrome, because of the reduced flow of synovial fluid through the joint, also leads to premature hip arthritis and total hip replacement if not carefully managed.

Range of motion exercises, done on a daily basis, are vital.

In general FAIS on the other hand causes a DECREASED range of motion in the hip (hyp Omobility).

It always comes as a surprise to find the appearance of stiffness of advanced hip arthritis in the examination of a young person. FAIS comes in two kinds and a mixture of the two: For more about FAIS...

Both, unmanaged, lead to a higher incidence of arthritis.

There are two conditions, one which causes stiffness in the young hip, and the other causing a very hypermobile joint; in other words, exact opposites.Because of a change in gait, FAIS also affects the sacroiliac joint anatomy ... Both these conditions, FAIS and DDH, are greatly exacerbated if there is a significantly short leg leading to a scoliosis.Leg length inequality needs to be carefully evaluated in every young person suffering from lower back and hip pain.Hip dysplasia is characterised by a shallow acetabulum, or socket, that slopes upwards; the roof is not fully formed.In addition, a part of the ball is improperly roofed.

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