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Matthew Goode was born with his birth name Matthew William Goode who was born in 3rd April 1978.

Currently he is 37 years old in his age and working with the occupation as an English actor.

Goode is very in loved with his spouse whom he got married with the long affair.

He got married with Sophie Dymoke after dating a long time and being within the relationship.

To show his loyalty towards being a father, Matthew admits to Metro that he has reduced his drinking level way down.

He further pranks about how drinking while babysitting can help fathers to get onto the same level as their children. Sophie and Matthew’s son, Ralph According to The Star, his main concern about his career so far has been to be far away from the ones he loves.

Goode was born in Exeter Devon of English with belonging from English nationality.

Meanwhile, his wife Sophie currently works as a Sales Director at Mi H Jeans.

Father to three children Matthew expresses that he misses his family very much whenever he leaves home for movie shoots.

Though he mentioned there were number of girls in his college days, he never stated publicly about the person with whom he had an affair with. His 2 daughters were born in March 2009 and September 2013 with the names Matlida Eve and Teddie Eleanor Rose Goode respectively.

The rumor additionally spread was that the couples are getting to adopt one son very soon.

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