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Kids in Drepada, Suriname Geography Since their escape from slavery in the 17th and 18th centuries, the Saramaka have lived chiefly along the upper Suriname River and its tributaries, the Gaánlío and the Pikílío.Since the 1960s, they also live along the lower Suriname River in villages constructed by the colonial government and Alcoa.It is generally agreed that Saramaccan's Portuguese influence is because the language's creators lived on plantations with Portuguese masters, and possibly slaves speaking a Portuguese creole that the masters had brought with them while migrating to Suriname from Brazil Saramaccan's creators started with an early form of Sranan Tongo and transformed it into a new creole via this Portuguese influx, plus heavy influence from the grammars of Fongbe and other Gbe languages.Certain common words in Sranan Tongo, the most common creole spoken in Suriname, also derive from Portuguese words. Peace Corps volunteers lived and worked in Saramaka villages, Brazilian gold-miners arrived on the Suriname river, and such activities as prostitution, casino gambling, and drug smuggling became major industries in coastal Suriname and accompanying the miners.

The Liaison Committee is responsible for dealing with matters which are common to both.Members of the clans have rights to hunt, fish, farm and gather forest produce in the area owned by their clan, but ownership remains vested collectively in the clan.Despite this, Suriname presently maintains that the Saramaka, and other indigenous and tribal peoples, have no rights to their lands and resources, all of which are owned by the state and can be exploited at any time.The Saramaka people are mostly Fon/Gbe and Kikongo speaking people as well as some Akan-speaking people (Fantes).Suriname, formerly called Dutch Guiana, has been independent from the Netherlands since 1975.

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