Validating resources

class which is instantiated before any other Android component.It is the last component which is stopped during application shutdown.A receiver gets notified by the Android system if the specified event occurs.For example, you can register a receiver for the event that the Android system finished the boot process.An Android application can have several activities.

allows positioning the widget relative to each other. Relative Layout is a complex layout manager and should only be used if such a complex layout is required, as it performs a resource intensive calculation to layout its children.

On a modern machine it typically takes less than a minute for a new AVD to start. An AVD created for the Google API’s contains additional Google specific code.

AVDs created for the Google API allow you to test applications which use Google Play services, e.g., the new Google maps API or the new location services.

For a nice experience a modern computer is recommended, for example, a 2.6 GHz CPU with at least 8 GB of memory.

An SSD speeds up the start of the Android emulator significantly.

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