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Function Update Transaction Date() As Boolean Dim db As Database Dim LUpdate As String Dim LMsg As String Dim LTransaction Dt As Date On Error Go To Err_Execute 'Query user for Date of R LMsg = "Enter the Date of R Form __/__/____" LMsg = LMsg & Chr(10) & Chr(10) & "Format date as: mm/dd/yyyy" LTransaction Dt = Input Box(LMsg) Set db = Current Db() 'Re-Assign Date to Transaction Date LUpdate = "update [Chapter Form Bulk Input Table]" LUpdate = LUpdate & " set [Transaction Date] = #" & Format(LTransaction Dt, "mm/dd/yyyy") & "#" db.Execute LUpdate, db Fail On Error Set db = Nothing Msg Box "Changing the Dates was Successful." Update Transaction Date = True On Error Go To 0 Exit Function Err_Execute: Msg Box "Updating the dates failed, you will need to enter each date individually." Update Transaction Date = False End Function You can then call the function from a Form (ie: button click event, etc) or a Macro and it will update the Transaction Date field.The method that most users discover first is the Date and Time command on the Insert menu, which opens the Date and Time dialog.(In Word 2007/2010/2013, access this dialog using Insert | Text | Date and Time.) Figure 1.

Although Word makes it relatively easy to format date fields by choosing a variety of built-in switches, sometimes youll need to customize your own.The following instructions are therefore offered to help you (all these instructions and more can be found in Words Help file under switches, reference).The letter M must be uppercase to distinguish months from minutes.This action causes Word to regard the document as having changed, so when you close it, even if you have just opened it and printed it and not made any (to your mind) changes, you will be asked if you want to save it. Otherwise you'll have invalidated the revision date. Since it is updated only when the document is printed, you will be able to open a document and tell from this date when it was last printed.In this case, however, you must save the document after the field is updated (that is, after printing).

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You can use the Updated(" The following code example uses the After Update event to run a named data macro that adds a record to the Comment table each time the status of an issue is updated.

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