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They have narrow standards and are very particular. They don't like guys who think for themselves or who are nonconformist in any way.

In their mind, nonconformists are losers and intellectualism is weird and uncool.

But even when they do, they can flake out suddenly. And I definitely wouldn't want to try to emulate it. Thus all I can say is that it is "terrible beyond words".

Taiwan is so prudish in fact, that movies made in Taiwan usually never show any kissing, whereas they do if they are made in mainland China.The weird thing is, they expect me to be the same, but I'm not, so they don't know how to process that.This makes everything doubly difficult when combined with #1.My friend would not stare, then suddenly approach, just smile, no sexual chat up lines, just have a neutral fun conversation with his hands down by his side.The result was that he would pick up all the girls and have them in hotels that evening. None of the experts on Taiwan here, including Momopi or Rock or even Falcon, consider Taiwan an easy pick up place.

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if you're not that specific type of female or gay boy, Taiwan will be a pain in the ass to live in.

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  1. My friend Brooke, who is a similarly fresh-faced 40-year-old, divulged over Gchat, "I joined OKCupid [when I was 39] and actually had to quit because I was INUNDATED by men in their 20s — though I put an age range and that is well below it. And can teach their useless baby bodies what to do?