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Maori and Aboriginal legends allude to significant cosmogenic events in the region, while Aboriginal legends about tsunami are common along the eastern Australian coast. The stars tumbled and clattered and fell one against the other . They were heralded by a huge mass, red and glowing, that added to the number of falling stars by bursting with a deafening roar and scattering in a million pieces which were molten . The purpose of the investigation into New Zealand and Australian Mega-Tsunami is two fold: to elaborate on the rich, indigenous oral history of the region to show that a recent cosmogenic mega-tsunami possibly occurred and to use similar types of oral history in the Kimberley region of NW Australia to identify other mega-tsunami in the Australian region.

These are then put into a freezer to cool so they are ready for me to take home at the end of the session.Chocolate was once considered the food of the gods and was at one time only available to the aristocracy and members of the clergy.It has been used as a medicine, a stimulant and even as a currency and it is still considered one of life’s little luxuries.Mrs Killick said: “Some of the children ask where the chocolate comes from and I have a cocoa pods and nibs to show them what is used to make chocolate.“I’m not about stuffing as much chocolate as people can into children, the experience and having a go at something completely different is always good, and if you’re someone who enjoys baking and creating then it might ignite a spark in them and they could go on to become chocolatiers.” It isn’t just the people taking part in the sessions that have fun.

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Cooking and baking has become more about speed and simplicity as I’ve got older, so spending time and focusing on creating something delicious is a treat in itself.

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