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Spank, back for its 10 edition, is a notorious pan-sexual multi-room fetish party where anything goes and all are welcome! t level with incredible decor, custom furniture rentals, wild tenting, and of course dark intimate spaces .... If you want to play, we welcome you to drop your inhibitions and come get freaky with us in the giant SPANK playground!This party is PERFECT for first timers or for regulars to bring friends who have been interested but haven't yet made the plunge.▄▄▄▄★ SUGGESTED & ENCOURAGED PARTY OUTFITS :- juicy jocks / glamourous twinks- bitchy & beautfiful diva drag queens & kings- lipstick lesbians / butch dykes- cross dressers of every glorious description- new wave / 80's goth / punk / mod / new romantic- 90's raver / electric circus / Much Music wannabes- fashion plates / thrift shoppers / couture / DIY fashion- burner / steampunk / desert warrior / kaleidoscope kid- art freaks & creative minds who just D. Hi All, So I was watching Community with my bf yesterday, and there's a scene where Britta gets spanked with from Troys grandma.▄▄▄▄★ LOVE DANCING TO ELECTRONIC MUSIC AT UNIQUE UNDERGROUND SPACES? Even before getting into all the kinky extras involved in this event, the main area all by itself is a sweaty all-electronic dance-a-thon featuring a dream lineup of Vancouver's hottest underground electronic DJs from a huge cross section of Vancouver's most unique events.★ NEVER BEEN TO A FETISH NIGHT BEFORE?This party is PERFECT for first timers or for regulars to being friends who have been interested but haven't yet made the plunge.★ REGULAR AT FETISH EVENTS?

If, like me, your friend was not familiar with “birthday spankings” (lord, what an expression!STARRINGVIctor Rodriguez (Cub Scout, Bears In Space.Los Angeles) ▄▄▄▄★ ABOUT SPANK ★Spread the word, invite friends, share this event, and BRACE YOURSELVES SISTERS & BROTHERS, because this party is set to destroy your inhibitions, feet, hearts and minds, all in the best way possible!She's expecting to be hit on the hand but the old lady makes her drop her jeans and bend over for it.This made me lol massively and I made a comment like 'my mum sure must have known her' which got us started talking about how our parents disciplined us as kids.

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