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The authorities also treated Brandon poorly by asking him crude and unnecessary questions.Instead of interviewing Brandon, Sheriff Laux’s questions probed Brandon’s gender identity by asking why Brandon interacted more with females than males.

To suppress her femininity, she “strapped Ace bandages around her chest, shaved her face, and stuffed a sock into her jeans” (Eileraas). Brandon’s mother once asked him if he was a lesbian and his reply was “that’s disgusting. Because of his strong expression towards women from a man’s perspective, it is safe to say that he was not a “closeted” lesbian.

In other words, only masculinity and femininity were accepted as possible avenues of gender identification.

Anything aside and out of the binary sexual identification was “invisible, impossible, deviant, and/or deceitful” (Eileraas).

The ex-convicts forcibly confronted Brandon to get the truth.

When it was revealed that Brandon was a female, Lotter and Nissen forced Brandon to a secluded area and raped him.

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it’s a person who has both girl and boy parts” (Movie Transcript).

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