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As reported by Sports Illustrated, half of all recently surveyed Olympic athletes admitted that they would be willing to take a drug -- even if it would kill them eventually -- as long as it would let them win every event they entered five years in a row.This type of 'win at any cost' mentality is pervading sports at all levels of competition and results in athletes feeling coerced to use substances just to remain on par with other athletes." "According to the IOC [International Olympic Committee] director general...Competition can be unfair if there is unequal access to particular enhancements, but equal access can be achieved more predictably by deregulation than by prohibition." "Remember that athletes don't take these drugs to level the playing field, they do it to get an advantage.And if everyone else is doing what they're doing, then instead of taking 10 grams or 10 cc's or whatever it is, they'll take 20 or 30 or 40, and a vicious circle simply gets bigger.Your tax-deductible donations keep this service free and ad-free for 25 million students, teachers, journalists, and regular folks. We can all heal the increasing divide and ground conversations with facts. "If each of us ought to be free to assume risks that we think are worth taking, shouldn't athletes have the same freedom as anyone else?In particular, if athletes prefer the gains in performance allegedly provided by the use of steroids, along with the increased risk of harm to the alternative of less risk and worse performance, what gives anyone the right to interfere with their choice?If some athletes spend much more time in the weight room than others and thereby build their muscular strength to levels significantly higher than their opponents, those opponents who want to remain competitive may feel compelled to also put in more time with weights.But there is nothing unethical or immoral about the situation that should lead those interested in maintaining sportsmanship to forbid or severely regulate weight training." "One athlete's decision to use performance enhancing drugs also exerts a powerful effect on the other athletes in the competition.

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There is general recognition among those involved in elite level sport that those testing positive represent only the tip of the iceberg.

It is impossible to estimate precisely how big that iceberg is, but it is clearly very large...

Firstly, drug-using athletes often beat tests because they have access to specialized medical advice from sports physicians...

Secondly, there is evidence of collusion between dope-using athletes and senior officials.

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Country superstar Carrie Underwood recently refuted rumors that she's planning to shack up with her hockey player beau Mike Fisher."Neither one of us would ever do that," she reportedly wrote on her official fan site.

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