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Since the Crown’s move against Lorna would have muscled the East India Company out of the Nootka deal, alerting the Company to the double-cross both saved her and set two of James’s primary opponents against one another.

You’d think being used as a pawn in a game that could have led to sexual violation and death in some dungeon hellhole would put Lorna off of her ersatz stepson, but no.

She suddenly seems more intrigued by him than ever, up to and including potential romantic interest and passive-aggressively needling his sister Zilpha at a costume ball she attends on his arm.

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Truth be told, it’s less a league than a single bowling team: tattooed mercenary Atticus, the randos who work for him, Helga the madam, one of her employees (who graphically goes down on a guard to distract him, despite having no apparent need to do so), and new edition George Cholmondeley, chemist extraordinaire.

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