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So instead it gets worse manifesting itself in alcohol problems.'Judge Martyn Zeidman QC told Mc Pherson: 'You counsel rightly described your conduct as utterly deplorable behaviour.

It really is a breach of public trust and confidence in a public office.'It's right that there has been a consensus that this offence is so serious that it manifestly warrants a prison sentence.'This is a court of law, not a court of morals, the fact that you have behaved so badly to your wife is not my business.

An internal investigation was launched in August 2016 into another matter in which his phone was seized.

On his phone they found the incriminating messages on his Whats App with Lorenzin.

The detective from Glasgow was given four months in jail for one count of misconduct while in a public office.

This defendant was under considerable pressure at work due to cuts to the police force.'In typical male reaction and perhaps in the atmosphere of the Met Police he didn't do anything about it, because he didn't wish to be seen as weak by his colleagues in seeking help.

Madeleine Wolfe, prosecuting, said Mc Pherson engaged in a sexual relationship with the student after she was arrested on suspicion of criminal damage in October 2015.'He took Jessica from her cell at 1.30am to interview her.

At that interview there was no second officer or solicitor.'She was then returned to the cell by Mc Pherson and the CPS advised no further action, and she was released.'Jessica Lorenzin said DC Mc Pherson had in fact driven her home that night, and on that occasion, gave her his personal phone number, inviting her to discuss any problems with her mother.'She sent him a Whats App message on November 4, saying 'Hi, sorry for disturbing, I'm Jessica, I want to ask if it's possible to drink something and talk about an important topic, thanks'.'He got back to her and they arranged to meet on Whats App.

A married detective constable who had sex with a suspect at a police station during an eight-month affair was jailed for four months today.

Grant Mc Pherson, 37, had sex with student Jessica Lorenzin, 20, at hotels and they even had a threesome in a spa.

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They got involved talking about sex reasonably quickly.'He told her that he had been in a seven year relationship which finished a year ago, and was only interested in a casual relationship.

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