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If he had quit drinking for this week like he promised, she was going to give him the sex adventure of his life. She checked with the clerk to be sure their son, Bobby, had a room of his own.

Upstairs, she slowly stepped in, setting her bag inside.

A quick glance at the bulge in the front of his jeans also showed her how aroused he was.

Now here she was in his room, undressing in front of him.

Suddenly she moved up his body, her large breasts making hot trails up his belly and chest.

Then he felt her tongue licking his jaw from his ear to his chin.

Before he could react, her mouth clamped on his and he felt her tongue dart inside and flick against his like a striking snake.

He groaned and opened his mouth wide, she wrapped her tongue around his, as he grasped her in his arms.

They were the pictures she had taken of her son Bobby's high school graduation the previous week. Same muscular build, same dark hair and good looks, same stance, and although the picture didn't show it, the same hard, tight rear-end, she thought with a chuckle.The one she liked the best was the one of her husband and son together. Only a close up would have revealed Roger's puffy, red rimmed eyes and less than tight features. If he didn't work on high steel construction, where he had to keep in shape, she knew he would be even worse. She had given him fair warning that if he continued drinking she would divorce him.He and Bobby had gone on ahead a week earlier to the lodge where they were to enjoy a short vacation, to do a little fishing. While she no longer loved Roger, she was willing to keep the marriage going if Roger would once again become the lover he had been.The sensation was better than he had ever fantasized about.Her pussy hair tickled his hip and he wanted to turn so his massive hard on could contact that furry slit.

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Her auburn hair was shoulder length and her legs were those of the dancer she had studied to be. Since the age of thirteen, he had taken every opportunity to catch her in various modes of undress, mostly when she showered and was careless about closing her bedroom door.

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