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" And I said, "Long blond hair and blue eyes." He said, "You understand nothing." () OH: So it was like that. Now let's just see if Olivia can act.'" G: () OH: Right? He'd be offering the role of anybody to anybody with any meeting he had, you know. But he told me that after all the pain of the auditioning and everything. But when it came down to serious casting, I think, you know. And anyway, he paired me off with Leonard and we had to do the balcony scene, and, at fifteen, I was very shy. It was just—I found it very difficult because, you know, she goes through all these different mood swings on the balcony. And at the time I was working in 's a play about a lot of school girls. OH: And then Zeffirelli came into town, and that day Michael York was visiting him. G: And Zeffirelli claims that he offered the role of Romeo to Paul Mc Cartney. G: And of course the story is that you had a brief off-screen romance during the filming.

G: And as a child, playacting became a fun pursuit for you very early— OH: I wanted to be an actress from the age of four. OH: I feel very honored—and so is Leonard—to have been a part of it. I really want to make it a classic film that appeals to young people in fifty years from today." G: Yeah. OH: I get e-mails today from—on my web page—twelve, eleven-year-old kids. by coming to San Francisco's Castro Theatre on Valentine's Day 2008 for an archival-print screening accompanied by an onstage interview. And as I was auditioning, she was sitting in the back. You know, this was before she got into all her politics and things. And I went into her dressing room, and she put her arms around me and she said, "You know Olivia, one day all of this is going to happen for you too." And I didn't see it at the time. In anticipation of her visit, I spoke with Hussey by phone from her home in Hollywood. And Peter Woods said, "You know what, Olive, get over to the other side of the stage." And I turned around in one minute, you know. And then, I think it was a matter of a year later, or something, that Zeffirelli, you know, was auditioning in London for ) OH: And then I auditioned for him, and I don't think he was too thrilled with the audition. Jay Presson Allen happened to be visiting the theatre that day—American playwright. My daughter loves her and I want her to play this role." So that's how really I started on the stage. OH: I had done walk-ons at the Old Vic where I had no dialogue yet. G: Now that experience—acting opposite Vanessa Redgrave—I assume was a charmed one. It was amazing because we got to work—I had the second lead role out of the girls, and Vanessa was so giving and so wonderful—such a great human being. And she left , and she said goodbye to those of us who she had grown attached to. And I was auditioning and Jay Presson Allen happened to be—you know, this was a long time ago; I got to think about it. And apparently Jay Presson Allen said, "I want her to play Jenny, the pretty one." She said, "I saw her in a little football film called .

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OH: Well, I'd—you know, if they can get it from Franco, if he's still got it.

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