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Indeed, apart from the marriage covenant that extends only to the end of one’s life here on earth (Matthew -30), the ONLY spiritual covenant that Biblical Christians are to partake in today is the New Covenant: Notice that in both of these verses that speak of the New Covenant, there is no mention of remembering the promises made at one’s baptism, nor is there any mention of making or renewing other spiritual “covenants” that would be in addition to or under the “New Covenant”.This sharing time will help the children learn about the blessings they receive when they keep the commandments of God.

We find the commandments in the scriptures, or by listening to the prophet.I would like to know what they are for, who they are between and what each party of the covenant has to do in the covenant.” OUR RESPONSE: Dear friend, Mormonism is a religion of ordinances (rules), covenants (promises) and rituals that Latter-day Saints (LDS) believe they must follow and perform in order to make themselves good enough to merit the highest level of Heaven.The word “covenant” in Mormonism means a commitment, promise or binding contract between two individuals.It is similar to communion in that it contains bread to represent Christ’s body that was broken on the cross, but the LDS Sacrament meeting differs in that the wine or grape juice (representative of Christ’s blood) is replaced with water. PRIESTHOOD COVENANTS: When male members of the LDS Church receive the priesthood, they covenant the following: 4.The Sacrament is a renewal of the Mormon’s baptismal covenant to keep the commandments of Christ. THE TEMPLE ENDOWMENT COVENANT: All worthy Mormons enter the LDS temple to receive his or her “endowment” (gift of knowledge and blessing).

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