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Then things take a turn for the worse when Lucius is accused of destroying one of the Elder vampires.

He is incarcerated without blood and Jessica finds herself alone, trying to rule and prove her worth as the vote to elevate them to King and Queen is also coming up and if the vampires have no confidence in her, they will vote no.

Jessica, unsure of whether or not she can trust him as much as her husband does but she wants to because she needs all the help she can get.The judgement can often be declaring that guilty vampires be destroyed (staked) and Jessica finds it hard to even sit in on these proceedings, let alone face the fact that one day she will not only have to hand down these judgements but also carry out the punishments herself as well.And it’s not only that part of life that Jessica is not coping with – the politics are taking their toll on her, causing her high levels of stress.She’s also struggling to even learn the language and the cook doesn’t speak English.She can’t even get a decent meal and that combined with the stress is making her lose weight.

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She struggled enormously with even day to day living, unable to speak the language and having difficulty learning it.

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