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If you don't like people questioning your sexuality, bb, then stop the ice-skating and get rid of the gayface!Evan Lysascek, who is currently in a war of words with fellow Olympic ice-skater Johnny Weir, is finally shedding light on why his panties are all in a knot to begin with!By that time, a separate source, who also confirms the procedure, says the struggles in her marriage were already apparent. Representatives for Lysacek did not get back to us by deadline.[From NYDN] Johnny Weir has made some pointed comments in the past that seem to indicate that Lysacek might possibly be gay, but I don’t know if Weir knows that for sure or he’s just guessing. I couldn’t find any photos of Vera and her husband of 23 years, but I found of ton of photos of Vera and Evan.

The event website is: Proceeds will support Yamaguchi’s Always Dream Foundation.

Regardless, we hear he is enjoying his time in Beverly Hills.

Our first source says Lysacek has been spotted in a white Bentley and with a large, flashy Rolex recently.

" Life & Style attests it was "THE TWINS" who brought them together.

How did Brangelina's private gondola become the Love Boat? Here's what I learned from the "Olympic Stars' LOVE SCANDALS" spread in Star: Snowboarder Scotty Lago hung his bronze medal over his groin and told a female fan to kiss it (there's a picture!

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There is “something going on,” says the source, while a second insider says Wang is “just enamoured with him and enjoys his company,” and doesn’t think a sexual relationship is in the cards. The fashion designer and hunky athlete, who was once linked to Olympic gymnast Nastia Liukin , have collaborated on more than a growing friendship: Wang created the tuxedo-style outfit Lysacek wore when he won the 2009 World Championships, and the duo also collaborated to design his costumes for the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, where the skater took home the gold .

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