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If your update exceeds the required size, put a Ticket in the section “Support”. Moreover FOTAUPDATE disposes more than 200 file-servers for quick download. is completely free and you can check the entire system right now without any significant restrictions.

If you experience difficulties, we will appreciate your comments, ideas and proposals.

OTA via SMS optimizes the configuration data updates in SIM cards and handsets and enables the distribution of new software updates to mobile phones or provisioning handsets with the necessary settings with which to access services such as WAP or MMS.In general, the term OTA implies the use of wireless mechanisms to send provisioning data or update packages for firmware or software updates to a mobile device — this is so that the user does not have to go to a store or a service center to have applications provisioned, parameters changed or firmware or software updated.Non-OTA options for a user are a) to go to a store and seek help b) use a PC and a cable to connect to the device and change settings on a device, add software to device, etc.FOTA (firmware over-the-air) is a modern technology for updating the software of different devices via the Internet.provides FOTA-services which are available to everybody all over the world.

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This system enables firmware upgrades without the need of physical access, saving time and money if the nodes must be re-programmed.

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