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Merdah and the army of the poor then join students and demonstrators.

The clowns pass through burnt-out forest landscapes.

Before us lay the idealised classical landscape of the ancient Ramayana story, complete with shadow puppets of the lovely Sita, her princely lover Rama, and their farting, chatting servant/ clown companions Tualen and Merdah, the latter a father and son pair from the Balinese wayang kulit known aspunakawan.

A range of whimsical and funny animal shadow puppets pass across the screen. Sita is captured by the giant demon Rahwana and carried off to his kingdom of Langka.

Nigel and Arif Hidayat, the Australian-based interpreter for the team, went off on their own mission to find a new dalang.

The rest of the team meanwhile found a shed in Denpasar, negotiated streets filled with demonstrators and burning tyres, and began experimenting with the lights and computer images using equipment they had brought with them.

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Nigel had invited the Balinese dalang I Wayan Wija to Australia in 1998 for the Australian Theatre for Young Performers.

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