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The film was released in the West as The Age of Mercy, the title of the novel by the writing duo of Vayner Brothers (Arkadiy Vayner and Georgiy Vayner), on which the film is based. Lieutenant Vladimir Sharapov (Vladimir Konkin) is a young reconnaissance officer and a decorated war veteran who has just returned from the war and is assigned to peacetime service with the famous MUR (Moscow Department of Criminal Investigations).There he becomes part of an elite detective team led by the brilliant, tough, no-nonsense Captain Gleb Zheglov (Vladimir Vysotsky).While the two become close friends and roommates, they are essentially opposites who often clash throughout the film.At the root of the conflict lies idealistic Sharapov's disagreement with Zheglov's "ends justify the means" approach to law enforcement.Actress Larisa Udovichenko has revealed that the entire moment was unscripted and she actually asked about the spelling because she had been unsure, with Vysotsky deciding to play along.Director Stanislav Govorukhin liked the impromptu and included it in the film.

Similarly, veteran film and voice-over actor Aleksandr Belyavsky would routinely get approached in the street by ex-convicts who expressed admiration for what they thought to be the actor's former criminal background, citing the scene of Fox's interrogation where he is bleeding from his lip and arrogantly wipes the blood on the side of Sharapov's desk.The series stars singer-songwriter Vladimir Vysotsky in one of his final screen appearances (his death at the age of 42 came less than a year after the film's release).Soviet screen and stage legends Sergey Yursky, Armen Dzhigarkhanyan, Zinovy Gerdt, Yevgeniy Yevstigneyev, and Leonid Kuravlev also appear in the film.In reality, Belyavsky had no criminal background whatsoever, and he improvised the entire scene by using cherry preserves he had borrowed from production assistants during a lunch break to simulate the blood.One of the film's best known comical scenes originated from an acting gaffe.

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