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And though some may find this debatable, the ways in which they engaged in fun-filled activities as everyday teens, while taking great pains to hide their extraordinary double lives, were almost as entertaining as the actual fight sequences.

She always approached these relatable situations from a skewed, entertaining perspective.It was a smarter and more original show than most shows about teenagers, but it was very decidedly a series about adolescents and their specific issues.Sure, sometimes she did random things, like interview a woman who saw a UFO, but a lot of episodes were about her school life and school work.Sabrina learning how to be a witch and dealing with the issues of being a witch ran parallel to the issues that teenagers face. But its delightful silliness was the show’s strong suit.Hart was also a dynamic and entertaining presence, making her a great choice to serve as the center of this show. However, it must be said that the real highlight of Sabrina was not Sabrina herself, but her cat Salem (voiced by Nick Bakay). Whenever they trotted out the incredibly fake puppets designed to allow Salem to talk and do crazy things, it was usually incredibly funny—and not always intentionally is.

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