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Aircrash Confidential (also known as Air Crash Confidential) is a television series produced by WMR Productions and IMG Entertainment.The programme investigates air-disasters from around the world.Conservative televangelist George Crossley is upset that Disney expanded insurance benefits to same-sex partners of employees.However, he has his own problems when he is arrested and charged with conspiring to murder his lover's husband, Butch Waldo.

WUHQ's morning news anchor, Diane King, is found dead in her driveway.

Note: This is the final episode to feature narrator Paul Winfield, who died March 7, 2004.

When the county authorities seize a Mormon ranch for not paying back taxes and evicts its residents, handyman Tony Hamilton confronts the lawmen, and is charged with the murder of the sheriff's deputy.

Marilyn, who survives the attack, identifies one of the men as Pat's business partner, who is then suspected of having ties to the mob and hiring the hit men.

Racial tensions are fueled when Charles Stuart reports that he and his wife Carol have been shot in their car by a black gunman.

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