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Since this rifle left Army inventory at the close of the war, it was not converted to the Model 1896 pattern as were most Model 1892s.

As a result, aside from the sporterization (and the upper band, which is a replacement) the rifle parts are in all-original 1st Pattern configuration down to the pre-February 1895 polished main spring and the original Model 1892 extractor.

The rifle was last fired in the 1930's by his nephew Frank during a deer hunt.

The original springs have been taken out and set aside so the action can be worked without risking damage to 110 year old spring steel.

That said, the content is good and contains plenty of useful elements.

It comes to a total of 122 pages, split primarily into a section on the Soviet Makarov (written by Brown) and a section on the East German Makarov (written by White).The PB (Pistolet Besshumnyj, "Silent Pistol") is an integrally suppressed version of the PM with a somewhat unique two-part suppressor; the secondary suppressor (the front) can be detached for concealment, and the weapon can still be fired in this state.Back up to Images Table of Contents Jump to USA Jump to Albania Jump to Austro-Hungarian Empire Jump to Czechoslovakia Jump to France Jump to Great Britain Jump to Lithuania Jump to Russia Jump to Sweden Jump to Switzerland Note: the little Vetterli M1878 rifle icons on the right () are permalinks; the URL to which they point can be used to access or revisit specific parts of this admittedly long page. The receiver is dated 1894, and the cartouche on the stock says 1895 (inspector's initials JSA, for J. He had the rifle's stock and barrel shortened for deer hunting, and added a Lyman bead front sight.The design uses a simple blow-back mechanism for cycling, making it easy to maintain and simple to produce, which has helped the PM's continued service in various militaries and police forces around the world, and has also found new life as a concealable pistol on the civilian market.(1951 - Present) Type: Pistol Caliber: 9x18mm Makarov Capacity: 8 (PM), 12 (PMM) Fire Modes: Semi-Automatic (Double-Action/Single-Action) The Makarov PM pistol has appeared in the following films, television series, and video games used by the following actors: Commercial imported Makarov by Baikal, called the IJ-70 - 9x18mm Makarov.

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Model 1892 ("Krag") bolt-action rifle (.30-40) Serial number 53XX, this rifle was built in late 1894 or early 1895. It was carried by Maly in Cuba during the Spanish American War, and he brought it home with him when he mustered out of the Army on November 17, 1898.

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