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Now, an Amerasian group has launched a last-chance effort to reunite fathers and children with a new DNA database on a family heritage Web site. The apricot flower trees, symbol of the spring festival of Tet, are in bloom. She hopes to use potential matches to help make the case for about 400 whose applications for U. More than 3,000 Vietnamese orphans were evacuated from Vietnam in the chaotic final days of war.

Those left behind have scant information about their GI dads — papers and photographs were burned as the Communist regime took hold, and memories faded. A never-ending parade of motorbikes swirls around traffic circles. military presence, save for a rusting helicopter in the yard of a museum devoted to communist glory. Trista Goldberg, 44, is a Pilates instructor from New Jersey, proud to call herself Amerasian, and founder of a group called Operation Reunite. The lives of the rest changed with the Amerasian Homecoming Act of 1987, which allowed 21,000 Amerasians and more than 55,000 family members to settle in the United States. Mc Kelvey, who wrote “The Dust of Life: America’s Children Abandoned in Vietnam.” In part because of such fraud, the United States tightened its screening procedures, and the number of immigrant visas issued dropped dramatically. Nhan had traveled from his home in An Giang for Goldberg’s DNA collection session.

However, they soon found themselves trapped in an unresolved dilemma: neither Vietnam nor America is truly home.

The same study from Ohio State University found that 76 percent of Amerasians wanted to meet their fathers when they came to the United States, but only 30 percent knew their fathers' names.

This deficiency in English has disqualified them for the naturalization process to become U.

Amerasians, born between 19, were mostly grown-up adults when they arrived in America in the early 1990's.

Leaving behind all the hardship and difficulties in Vietnam, they looked forward to a new chapter in their life, expecting to finally find home and have an identity they always yearned for.

They are approaching middle age with stories as complicated as the two countries that gave them life.

Growing up with the face of the enemy, they were spat on, ridiculed, beaten.

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