Dating a stingy man

As the recently mentioned, the online dating site looked at the 30 million matches it made in July, and found that both men and women were 25 percent more likely to have a potential mate contact them if they identified themselves as a saver rather than a spender.

This seeming contradiction in data sets — between the ING findings and the e Harmony stats — actually makes sense to me.

If someone told me she wanted to set me up with a dude who was frugal — and that was the only adjective she used to describe him — I would, of course, assume he was cheap, and assume he was going to calculate how much I owed on our drinks-and-appetizers bill, right down to the tax. I mean, I practically wanted to say, "I had three of the spring rolls, and you had two, so maybe we should go 60/40 on that, rather than 50/50?Which is what happened to me on a date I had with AN ECONOMIST who worked for THE WORLD BANK. "But if I were looking at a man's online dating profile, and I learned that, among other things, he was a saver, that would be appealing.Because I want to meet a man who will take me out to dinner but who will also be responsible financially.THE MAN WHO PRETENDED TO BE ANOREXIC SO HE WOULDN'T HAVE TO PAY FOR MEALS!As Lauren puts it: "My friend dated a man who claimed to have an eating disorder in order to avoid taking her out for dinner. "(And I thought been out with some cheapskates.)"But," Lauren continues, "a thrifty man can make a great partner. He's down-to-earth, and not terribly concerned about superficial things like the kind of car he drives or the size of his, ahem, flat-screen TV.

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Here we are, in the midst of the Great Recession — and even now, when we should admire people who can save money, frugality is a turnoff.

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