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In that situation, the additional citations are called parallel citations.The first segment of the court opinion itself is the title of the action.Only the holding is binding precedent in subsequent cases.

The most significant is a majority opinion, in which a majority of the members of the court agree both with the reasoning and with the holding.

After this identifying information, most reporters insert a summary of the facts and the decision.

In addition, some reporters classify the points of law applied by the court into individual paragraphs, called headnotes, that help the reader extract and analyze each legal concept discussed.

If no statute governs the action, the court relies on past decisions in similar cases, or precedent.

If it is a case of first impression—that is, no existing statute or precedent governs the case—the court bases its opinion on similar decisions and on its own reasoning.

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The titles of court cases frequently contain terms and abbreviations that help to indicate the nature of the dispute.

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