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The Truth About Gravitational Waves February 22, 2016 Host Meg Rosenburg journeys to the Hanford observatory for an exclusive interview with one of the scientists behind LIGO's detection of gravitational waves! February 12, 2016 Is there a ninth planet in the solar system lurking somewhere in the inky depths of space?

Learn about Vulcan, Planet X, and the history of planetary astronomy in this week's Physics Central podcast!

A spacecraft launching next year will endure Mercury's extreme temperatures and gravitational complications to study this mysterious planet.

The Science of Shakespeare (Repost) January 21, 2015 Shakespeare grew up during the scientific revolution, and it may have directly influenced his works.

Of Ice Cores and Isotopes March 31, 2016 Ice cores contain air bubbles that have been encased for close to a million years!

Find out what we can learn from this ancient oxygen in this week's Physics Central podcast!

Manh(a)ttan: Bringing Nuclear Physics to Primetime December 17, 2014 The new primetime TV show based on the Manhattan Project of WWII has drawn praise for its storytelling and scientific accuracy but also some critiques of its historical accuracy.

It'll collide with the galaxy in about 30 million years, but astronomers aren't worried.

Quantum Mechanics in the Minecraft Universe February 11, 2015 Introducing quantum weirdness to the world of Minecraft with the qcraft mod.

Physics and the Smell of Snow January 27, 2016 Can we smell a snowstorm before it begins?

On today's podcast, were joined by olfactory scientist Pamela Dalton, a researcher at the Monell Chemical Senses Center in Philadelphia, to explore the physics behind that crisp, snowy scent.

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