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Program Social Workers Mary Minott, Kendell Jones, and Hope Schroy provide confidential information and guidance on proactive discussions at home, early experimentation, concerns about more serious use, and how and where to seek help.

Information and referral Program staff provide students, parents and school staff with information on tobacco, marijuana, alcohol, prescription and other drug use.

Parent Resource Advocate Funded by the Brookline Community Fund, the Family Resource Advocate, Hope Schroy, helps families access appropriate mental health and substance abuse services for youth.

With over 30 years in the field, Hope supports parents and guardians, working together to navigate the complex network of treatment providers and programs.

We support students in setting and meeting their own goals.

Since that time, over 4,000 greater Boston singles have enjoyed this unique single’s experience at one or several of our past 130 events.Even if dating is once again new to you, you will find yourself at home at any one of our events.We don’t promise that you will meet your soulmate, but it has been known to happen.Referred youth receive a substance abuse assessment and alcohol/drug education. To access any of our services call Mary Minott at 617-713-5155.MARY MINOTT, LICSW [email protected] KENDELL JONES, MSW [email protected] HOPE SCHROY, LICSW [email protected] 617-713-5149 VIOLENCE PREVENTION SERVICES Domestic Violence Advocate / Violence Prevention Specialist Doreen Gallagher works with victims of domestic violence, teen dating violence and sexual assault.

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